Fox Valley SEO and Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization for Local Businesses in the Fox Cities


There is nothing more important than honesty as a business. Most SEO agencies quickly return to the void from which they came because they have no such foundation. SAYA is ready for the long haul and has a set of ethics it follows.

Syntropy and Strategy

SAYA is aware that you are a serious client and this is your livelihood. We take the time to create a clear strategy and understand what you are hoping to see from our services while remaining flexible to accommodate for the unexpected.


SAYA is always using contemporary methods because SEO is continuously evolving. Those who are still reliant on what worked ten years ago don’t get very far. Learn about what we offer and don’t be afraid to ask.

Continuous Reporting

SAYA offers periodic reporting for its clients. We like to show progress and provide a range of data. We are honest and upfront about the pros or cons of our decision-making process to ensure everything is on the right track.


SAYA works with a team of experts from all walks of life. We are not going to rely on one or two people in an echo chamber. You want to go with those who have an innovative team with years of expertise.


It is always important to have the results in front of you. SAYA knows this is a long-term play and we are not going to sell you a “get rich quick scheme.” We will show you the logistics of a strategy to organically ascend to the top.

Defining the Obstacle

If you study Google, you will find results where large companies with search engine optimized web properties rank higher in the SERPs.

Most small businesses get discouraged by such results and steer clear of investing in an effective marketing strategy like search engine optimization due to this reason.

However, a small business in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin is in an ideal position for scaling the search results. But until you decide to invest in search engine optimization, your competition will continue to walk all over you.

Keywords and Local Search


Search marketing comes with numerous other advantages for a small business. SAYA will create and implement an effective search marketing strategy for your business.

If you operate a local business in the Fox Cities, for example, then targeting the right local keywords and geo key phrases can get your business on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the other major search engines.

Branding and Exposure

Clear and present online exposure is a distinct aspect of solid branding, which translates into trust. What better way to increase the brand awareness of your business than implementing an effective search marketing strategy for your company.

Sites listed within the first five positions on the first page of Google get the vast majority of total traffic for a specific keyword. If you are not within these five positions on Google, you are losing visitors and sales for your company.

Strategy and ROI

SAYA is ultimately one of the most effective agencies for a small business in the Fox Valley, delivering a high return on investment over time.

It isn’t necessary to invest indefinitely for years on end to maintain your position through Pay Per Click advertising or PPC. It will eventually require a modicum of maintenance work on your part.

Fill out our Discovery Form today and we will typically respond within 24-72 hours with a free analysis video of your site that will go over how your web presence may stand to improve, as well as actionable steps you can implement for yourself.