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Website Analysis

SAYA combs through your site and studies its current analytics. The main idea is for us to understand whether your site is at, where to begin, and how to proceed. Our analysis will take into consideration all points of concern and address them in the initial strategy.

Keyword Research

We will move through the competition by carefully compiling a list of potential keywords and narrowing them down to the final choices based on quality, the potential for conversions, and intention,  customized according to your niche industry in Green Bay.

On-Page SEO

During this stage keyword placement is considered, alt and image tags are enacted, and loading speeds are measured and optimized. Our agency adheres to an unwavering set of criteria based on the Industry Standard Best Practices of SEO.


Comprehensive branding involves the integration of citations and social media syndication. Creating a working strategy means you’re setting your business up for the future. SAYA’s social media services are sustainable and practical down the line.


SAYA SEO will ensure your site receives backlinks of the highest quality, using only honest white-hat methods as well as our understanding of what works and what doesn’t work. We do the scouting work and seek out what your website needs.

Weekly Reports

You need to know that things are going well. Our carefully compiled and extensive reports will allow you to have a deeper understanding of how your website ranks. The information we provide is informative and practical in helping clients understand results.

The Value of Local SEO in Green Bay

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most efficient ways to market a business online. It can enable a company in Brown County to promote their services and products to potential local customers who may be looking for them at the moment.

Local search provides people the most relevant results based on their location, and since it narrows down search results to businesses within a particular area, this narrows down the field of competition for your company.

SAYA SEO can help improve your business’ search visibility, increasing the number of people visiting your business site, while consequently gaining leverage on local maps.

People Have Grown Dependant on the Internet to Find Local Businesses

While there are people who still use phone books, a majority of us are now turning to the web to find local businesses.

Practically all computer owners conduct local searches and approximately 2/3 of all local customers use directories and search engines to find local businesses.

Nearly half of all searches on Google are local, and about 78% of all local mobile searches lead to an offline purchase.

Timely and Targeted

The main reason why local search exists is to ensure that specific businesses are found.

The second reason is so that services or products can also be found.

While many local searchers are looking for specific business names, the majority of them do not have a particular business in mind when searching for the services or products they want.

By employing local search strategies, you can promote whatever you have to offer to your local customers since local SEO makes it available to them whenever they are looking for solutions and products that you have to offer in Green Bay.

Greater ROI (Return On Investment)

Unlike more traditional forms of advertising like leaflets, direct mail, local newspapers, etc., SEO has very minimal wasted exposure.

With SAYA, you can reach potential Green Bay clientele when they need you; making it efficient as well as cost-effective.

Printed Ads and Media are Dying

Traditional advertising platforms are declining fast considering that fewer people today are reading their local newspapers.

According to recent figures, a majority of local newspapers have lost about 80% of their audience in the last 20 years, primarily because more people are now turning to the internet.

A local business looking to promote its brand in Green Bay must consider local Search Engine Optimization for increased visibility.

Mobile is Taking Over

People have become obsessed with using tablets and mobile phones to find the best businesses in their vicinity while on the go. Mobile media time in the USA is now higher (standing at 51%) than that of desktop usage, which stands at 42%. Fortunately, SAYA SEO Green Bay covers both mobile optimization as well as PC. As such, you never miss out on any potential customers, regardless of the device they are using.

Higher Conversion

Online directories like Foursquare, Superpages, Citysearch, Yelp, etc., display a business’ name, phone number, address and sometimes extra information like the business’ description or menu.

Local citation directories typically dominate the first page of most local search results pages.

Local directory marketing has a very high conversion rate compared to most traditional advertising options with some directories even offering up to 50% conversion success.

Getting an accurate listing for your Green Bay company on most online directory sites could help you convert half of all leads into actual customers.

Increased Visibility On Google

One very effective local SEO tool that could increase your chances of showing up on Google’s results pages is Google My Business – a free business listing service offered by Google.

With about 44% of companies having their businesses listed on Google My Business, not every local business in Wisconsin has figured out how important it is.

It’s advisable to claim your spot before your competition becomes savvy to the situation.

Expand Your Company’s Reach in Green Bay

The trends mentioned above are strong right now and are only going to become more challenging throughout time. Take advantage of SAYA’s Green Bay SEO and web design services to improve your business before your competition catches on.

For more information and advice on local search engine optimization, contact us today or fill out the Discovery Form to begin to claim the future of your online presence.