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Site Analysis

In the initial site evaluation, we look at where you are and how we should proceed, correcting any errors along the way. Various on-page factors such as semantic relevance, mobile-friendliness, sitemap, content, and conversion elements are taken into account, along with the off-site elements including social media, local directories and backlinks.

Competitor Analysis

In order to understand the approach that will work best for your company, we begin looking at how well your competitors are ranking for particular keywords along with other factors that are impacting their ranking. This evaluation into what is working for them will enable us to determine what will be the most direct path to your goal.

Keyword Research

The words that people type into search engines are known as keywords, and phrases are considered “long-tail” keywords. When people type in these queries related to your business, naturally you want your site to show up on page 1. We will formulate and target the most profitable words and phrases based on the relevant search queries.

On-Page SEO

Beyond the initial keyword research and site/competitor analysis, priority is directed toward the on-page optimization. This involves many of the components that we address during the initial site audit, including title/heading tags, URL, image descriptions, etc. Each page should contain a focused idea conveyed in a uniquely authoritative voice We will also ensure that each page has clearly defined and semantically relevant internal links throughout the entire structure, along with all outbound authority links. This may involve content curation if it is requested.

Off-Page SEO

A primary aspect of search engine optimization takes place beyond the boundaries of your website, and these efforts impact your reputation and visibility just as well. While Google and the other search engines haven’t shared the specifics of their algorithms, research has made it obvious that off-page factors have a significant impact on ranking and should not be overlooked. Based on your industry and the opportunities available, our strategies involve the use of social media, citations, geotags, press release, and authority links to begin with.

Content Curation

Niche-relevant, high-quality content, especially when posted to your site regularly, can be extremely effective towards adding to your reputation and enhancing your statistics. The content that we can provide will utilize all of the other services listed above. Our strategy of semantic organization, internal/outbound linking and overall presentation that aims directly toward providing genuine value to the visitor while earning the favorable attention of search engines. The use of evergreen content will keep your pages relevant and increase their value over time.

Mobile Optimization

The increasing number of people dependent on their smartphones and tablets to connect to the online world has made mobile optimization an absolute necessity, and this has become a significant aspect of Google’s algorithm. Given that the smaller screens cannot display all of the information available on desktop, streamlined content, navigation and page loading speed are among the primary factors in mobile SEO.

Page Speed Optimization

The loading speed of your pages is an essential, but sometimes overlooked, aspect of a well-optimized website. Loading time is a conversion factor as well as a quality signal from a search engine algorithm’s perspective. Many different things can factor into slow loading, and we will ensure that nothing impedes the visitor’s experience, regardless of what browser they are using.

Monthly Ranking Report

All of the other services involve getting your website into good shape, including plans for future content. However, without regular analysis, it can be impossible to tell how well your efforts have worked, which is why we provide a monthly ranking report to our clients. While it is certainly not an overnight process, this analytical view will allow you to see the changes as they occur over the course of time.

Social Profiles

Social media marketing is currently making a significant impact on the way companies are doing business, and social profiles will be an extension of your brand. You are projecting your brand to everyone on these platforms at any given time, making it easier to interact directly with potential customers while consolidating your presence online.


Schema is a markup language that the major search engines invented. This language is going to make a difference in how well you rank, as it makes it more convenient for search engines to identify your content and determine how to list it. However, the description will allow you to provide an in-depth explanation for search engines as to the content of the page.


A Secure Socket Layer (“https”) lets the people who are visiting your website to know that whatever information they provide about themselves on a contact form, for example, is secure and encrypted. This will also help you in getting the better interaction with the customers who are coming to your website to buy because they will feel safer.

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